Run Info

Veteran run

The Veteran Run was carved out for the run to encourage older women to also participate exclusively in their own category and encourage the winning spirit within them, just like the Open run the Veteran run will take its course along the Route map earmarked and participants in the event are women aged 45 years and above this is to give them room to also win within their category.

Open run

The Open run serves as the major event for the day the run is undertaken by women within the age bracket of years - 44 years, as an open run all participants are eligible to take part in the 10km run regardless of whether you fall within the veteran category or the open category , however this is only for the open 10km run 


Provision of medical centre for the run and ambulances are provided

Water Supply

There will be water stations positioned at every 2 km of the run to supply participants water as they run


Adequate security will be provided for all routes of the run participants are rest assured of their safety during the run


Volunteers are welcomed to participate at the event adequate provision will be made for volunteers before and during the run